IS Pepper Spray Is Legal In The US

My cousin wants to know if pepper spray is legal in the United States. She’s never visited here, but has been talking about it since I came here from overseas.

I’m afraid her opinion of this magnificent country is tainted by the perceptions she gets from the news, which is usually bad, and our movies and pop culture, which is likewise often violent and bad.

I’m ecstatic that she wants to come visit, but I’m also trying to get her to calm down a little bit. I’ll be looking out for her while she’s here and I’m not going to take her anywhere risky.

Still, I understand how things are back in our home village. It’s one of the reasons why I left, and so I want her to feel comfortable and able to defend herself here.

She knows she can’t fly internationally with something like that, but I’ve been looking online trying to find out if pepper spray is legal in the parts of the United States we will visit while here. It does seem to vary from one state to the next regarding the rules and regulations.