How I Found A Keychain With Hidden Video Camera Capabilities

I needed a keychain with hidden video camera capabilities to spy on someone in my home. I had a feeling that there were people coming into my home during times when I wasn’t there, and a keychain camera works nice because nobody expects for it to be a camera. If you saw a set of keys hanging up in a home, would you think twice about it? Either way, I wanted to know mostly if my kids were letting their friends in when I wasn’t home or if they were doing anything they shouldn’t be.

There are a lot of different keychain options so I had to look at each one carefully. I wanted to know that the one I got would give me clear video that I could easily go through later and find out more about what was going on in the home. I found what I was looking for after going through prices people were charging and the quality of the camera. I paid a little more to get a nicer one just so I could avoid wasting time and money on something that wasn’t likely to work well for my situation.