100% Undetected & Safe

Our tool is using special new generation proxies built inside which makes your connection fully undetected and hides your real IP address. That means your router's physical location is faked and if someone decides to track you out it will show them IP address from some other country instead of your real one. So you don't need to ever worry about someone will discover you out while hacking Kik accounts. Privacy safety of our users is highly important to us!

Secured Privacy

Tool Usage

The first reason why we decided to build Kik spy tool is to purpose of parental control because internet criminal is in a big increase every day so is a number of pedophiles. And almost every day you can read in news some young girl or boy are victims of this. They get tricked from psychopaths to chat with them and send them any kind of photos and other information, whatever pedophiles wants from them, as they pretend to act like their friends and make fake Kik accounts for these reasons. But with our Kik Hack tool parents have a chance to monitor over children activity and with who they talks to, who they have in friends contact list and see any photo or link they sent to some. We think our app will be as much of help for parents.
Other reason why people download our software is to spy on relationship partner to see whether he/she is cheating on them. You can successfully use our app for this purpose and monitor your partner's chats with their Kik friends, see any picture they exchanged and even make conversations with them, because you can actually login to someones Kik account without their knowing!

About Us

We are German team of programmers who make various applications and projects over the web, and this program is just one of them. We enjoy making something new and unique and test our skill to see if we are capable to make it work. If you use our tools and want to share your experience or achievements with us, we are always happy to hear reviews of our users! You can always message us using our contact page if you need any help or have any questions regarding our apps.

Terms & Disclaimer

Kik Hack application and this website is not owned or affiliated with official Kik messenger and company in any way. All information contained here is posted just for ethical usage only. Any other purpose of using our tool (Except parental control) will be at your own responsibility.